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100 Great Logos – Media, Leisure & Entertainment

Some of’s favourite logos for Media, Arts, Leisure & Entertainment.

Media – General 
La fábrica de Imagen canaria. Broadcast company. SpainCircus of Magazines. Online marketplace for magazines

Reel Farm. Film production

Film production company. Switzerland
Circus of Magazines. Online marketplace for magazines
In the city entertainment. Japan. Digital production – general.
Les films de la bas. Film production company. Switzerland

Poike Photography. Netherlands.

Andy Fiord. Photography studio.

Shutterbug. Photography studio

Adconian Media Group

The Dreamcatchers. Wedding video company. Australia

Mea Stella. Event and booking agency. Germany.

Bop Entertainment. Netherlands.

Video studio “Pro-motion”. Russia

Xohm. Broadband. US

Glowe. Global Language for Open Widget Environments

Tiger Films. UAE.

USA Network

Nickelodeon. Online place for Kids

Shelfster. Online systems for saving articles and more.

Ad. / Marketing / Creative / Digital Agencies etc ..

New Wave. Graphic Design agency. Georgia

Pumpkinfish. Design and multimedia agency. USA Social media agency. Italy

Perfect Crowd. Marketing group and blog. Germany.

designer theme download site

studio Neo. Digital agency. Japan

Kumbe. Digital agency. Italy

Twins Communications. Creative team. Norway.

Grafika Publishing. Digital agency. Czech Republic

Unit360. Network of creative thinkers. Netherlands
Design friends. Design community. Luxembourg.

Tractor. Design school. Australia.

The Smiling Hippo. Digital / branding agency. Brazil.

Tiny Mouse Design.  Web and graphic design agency

Hick Design. Graphic design agency

Beedesign SPC. Ad agency. Bahrain.

Logobird Designs. Graphic design agency. Australia.

Three Drunk Monkeys. Ad agency. Australia.

Rum for reklam. Advertising archive. Sweden
Dilo. Marketing and communications agency. Argentina.

Asili&Boassa. Design and advertising agency. Italy.

Just Creative Design. Web, graphic and logo design

Brandclay. Graphic design. USA

Blog Spoon Graphics. Graphic design blog.

Ux Booth. Web design blog.

Food, Drink, travel &  Retail

Dai sushi restaurant. Russia
Mathias Dahlgren Grand Hôtel Stockholm restuarant. Sweden

Break Cafe. Serbia.

Coffee CUP. Coffee house
Caffe Cottage

First Avenue Espresso
Eight. Business bar.

The Libertine. Pub. London

Zisimopoulou Stamatia. Hotel. Greece

Ema Telstar. Tours. Sweden

Entente Touristique du Sud, Luxembourg

Stussy. Online clothes store.

Talkmore. Mobile phone wholesaler

Alex Schrijvers. Handbag designer. Belgium.

Naughtyfish Apparel. Alphabetees, a range of T-shirts. Australia.

Blobs. Laptop and iPod case designer and manufacturer. Ukraine.Basin White. Quality bath manufacturer. USA

Alps and Arts. Quality manufacturer of porcelain, textiles and glasses. Switzerland.
Pangur Glass Craft. Ireland

Fattoria di Opagna. Fine cheese manufacturer. Italy

H&L Studija. Quality tiles manufacturer. Latvia

Hats By Aysel. Hat designer. USA.

Manz Gartenwelt. Garden nursery. Germany

Pink Flamingo Farm. Arabian horses. USA

Music Industry

monopol records. Germany

Peter Hylenski. Sound design.
Bread and Butter Records. UK

Grooveshark. Online music search engine

Master Plan Music Group. Korea

Arts, Travel & Sport

Zaragoza council. Candidate city for European Capital of Culture. Spain.

Arts United. Nonprofit arts fund. USA

grad Rovinj. Art fair. Croatia

Subcarpathian Society for the Encouragement of the Fine Arts. Poland
Dictionary of Australian Artists Online.

Associazione Culturale L’AltroTeatro. Italy
Theater Federation. Luxembourg.

Greek Film Center.

African Film Club
Brooklyn International Film Festival

Museum of London. Lines representing changing geographical landscape of London through history

Muséum d’histoire naturelle de Genève. Switzerland.

MiniMuseumMürren. Switzerland
LIB Librería Internacional Bilbao. Bookshop. Spain.

Tennis XL. Tennis organization. Canada.

DVA SA. Bid for Mediterranean Games. Greece.

Madrid2016. Applicant city for Olympic Games.

Classic logos – general

Apple has undergone multiple changes in its apple logo since the design of the first apple logo – in rainbow colours - in 1976. The first Apple logo, however, featured Sir Isaac Newton sitting under an apple tree.

The Harley Davidson logo, also known as the “Bar and Shield” logo originates from a Harley Davidson logo design from the 1920′s

The Starbuck’s siren is based on a 17th century Norse woodcut. There have been various versions over the years. The logo finds its origins in a Starbuck’s logo design from the 1970′s.
100 Top / Great / Brilliant / Creative  Logos – 2011.

Spot the bear in the (Matterhorn) mountain. The bear was added to the logo in 1920 and is the traditional heraldic animal of Bern, the local area.

First appeared in the 1970′s as part of a tourist ad campaign. New York has made 3,000 trademark objections – objecting that their logo design has been immittated.

Ogilvy & Mather. Symbolic of the golden age of advertising (1950′s – 197o’s). Still in use today (although main website now has white letters on red background).

The big black Alpha 245 pencil has been a long-standing logo of Leo Burnett ad agency used by Leo Burnett himself.

The Godfather logo originates from the Godfather bookcover first published in 1969.

The 007 gun logo originates from 1962

The Batman symbol or logo finds its origins in the early 1940′s with the creation of the Batman comic. The yellow in the logo was first added in 1964.


100 Top / Brilliant logos – Media, Arts, Leisure & Entertainment – Spotlight Ideas – 2011

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