Case Studies

Nike - Take it to the next level
2008. The ad follows the career of a footballer from obscure beginnings to success. Directed by Guy Rictchie. 72 and Sunny ad agency

Cadbury - Gorilla
2007. A gorilla on the drums suddenly blasts into Phil Collins' 'In the air tonight'. Fallon, London

Sony Bravia - Bunnies (Play-doh)
2007. Hundreds of play-doh bunnies run along streets in New York. Fallon, London

Skoda Cake
2007. The ad follows the making of a cake (in the shape of a car) to music from The Sound of Music. Fallon, London

Audi Ryhtym of Lines
2007. Ribbons of lines form into the shape of a car. BBH

Sony Bravia - Paint
2006. High-rise housing blocks splashed from top to bottom in paint. Fallon, London

Citroen - Transformers
2006. A car turns into a robot and skates on ice. RSCG, London

Nike - Park Life
2006. Football in the park with Eric Cantona and others. TBWA Simons Palmer

iPod - Shuffle
2005. Black silhouettes of people dancing against a strong, green background

Honda Accord - Cog
2003. A chain of near-impossible mechanical-like events. Wieden + Kennedy

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